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What is the Bandsintown API?
What is the Bandsintown API?
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Artists and their teams can use the Bandsintown API to display event data on their website or app. The Bandsintown API is designed for artists looking to promote their shows on their websites with full control over the rendering of events.

Artists and their teams can apply for access to an App ID to use the API through this form. Before filling out the form, please read through our Terms & Conditions.

The data is not meant to be used in any other circumstances unless specifically approved by Bandsintown.

For more information about the Bandsintown API, visit the API section of the Help Center for access to the following resources:

For questions or assistance with your current app_id, please contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: We’ve been making updates to our APIs to reinforce the security of artist websites and limit the risk of artist data being used by unauthorized third parties. As part of this initiative, every app_id is linked to a single artist ID.

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