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Squarespace Integrations
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What is Squarespace?

Artists can create customizable websites or online stores with an all-in-one solution from Squarespace.

Learn more about Squarespace on their website.

Bandsintown tools for Squarespace

Bandsintown offers four different tools to promote your events, build your Bandsintown following and grow your fan contacts through Squarespace. Learn more about each below.

  1. The Bandsintown Block for Squarespace was created by Squarespace and is the easiest way to add tour dates to your site in a few clicks

  2. The Widget from Bandsintown allows artists to display upcoming live shows on your website with fully customizable text, look and feel to match your style

  3. The Follow Button provides simple call-to-action allowing site visitors to follow you on Bandsintown without leaving your site

  4. The Signup Form allows fans to join your Bandsintown mailing list without leaving your site

Display upcoming live shows on your website with the Bandsintown Block for Squarespace

Install the Bandsintown Block created by Squarespace to let your fans know when you're performing next and get info and tickets without leaving your site.

From Squarespace, add an insert point by clicking on the ‘+’ sign in the upper-right corner.

Scroll down to ‘More’ and select Bandsintown from the menu.

In the Bandsintown Block editor, enter the artist name, and specify the date range of shows you’d like displayed in the Timeframe to Show dropdown menu, or leave it blank to show all events.

The artist name should match exactly what’s on the artist’s Bandsintown account, or use the Bandsintown artist ID (e.g., ‘id_123456789’ where 123456789 is replaced by the number found in the artist page URL.

Click Save.

For more customization options, use the native Bandsintown Events Widget or API.

Still have questions? Check out the Squarespace help article on Bandsintown Blocks.

Display upcoming live shows on your website with the Advanced Events Widget

Use the Widget builder to customize your Widget with no coding required, copy your embed code, and add it to your website.

The Events Widget is compatible with all website builders that support HTML editing, including Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Shopify and more.

1. Create your custom Widget

Use the default install settings to have the Widget automatically match your website's color scheme, or dig deeper to customize fonts, colors, content, and more.

2. Copy your Widget code

Once you’ve finished customizing your Widget, click Copy Code to copy the embed code to your clipboard.

3. Paste your code into your Squarespace page

  • In your Squarespace account, open your site

  • Select the page where you want to display your tour dates, or create a new one

  • Click the + button in the top of your section

  • Select </>CODE

  • Paste your Bandsintown Widget code

  • Click Done to save your changes

Your events, info and ticket links are now listed on your Squarespace and will sync in real-time with your listings on Bandsintown.

Grow your Bandsintown following and contact list with the Follow Button

Build your Follow button URL, then add the URL to a new button on your Squarespace page.

1. Build your Follow button URL

Start with this template:

Next, replace certain elements of the URL with your personal details:

  • Replace “2619661” with your own Bandsintown artist ID

    • Your artist ID can be found by viewing your Bandsintown page in your browser and taking note of the unique number in the URL

  • Replace “{yourappid}” with “squarespace-” followed by your artist name, with hyphens for spaces. For example “squarespace-Justin-Bieber”

  • replace “{your_affiliation_code}” with the affiliation code you already use to call the Bandsintown API, or remove the “&affil_code={your_affiliation_code}” parameter altogether if you don’t already have one

  • Optionally, you can customize the URL further using these parameters as examples

    • &bg-color=%231A1A1A

    • &border-color=%23FFFFFF

    • &cta-bg-color=%23FFFFFF

    • &cta-border-color=%23FFFFFF

    • &cta-border-radius=0px

    • &cta-border-width=3px

    • &cta-text-color=%23FFFFFF

    • &font=Helvetica%20Neue

    • &text-color=%23FFFFFF

2. Add your URL to a Squarespace button

Once your URL is ready, create a new Squarespace button and attach your URL to it.

  • Click Add Section

  • Search for the button object

  • Paste the URL code you created on step 1 inside the link field

  • Click Save to publish the changes

When clicked, your button should open the Fan Acquisition Form.

Grow your contact list with the embedded Signup Form

Use the Signup Form builder to customize your form, then copy your embed code and add it to your website.

1. Customize your Signup Form

Adjust the background color, layout, alignment, title, header text, font and text style to your liking.

2. Copy your embed code

Once you’ve finished customizing your Signup Form, click Copy Code to add it to your clipboard.

3. Paste your embed code into your Squarespace page

  • Select the page where you want to display your Signup Form, or create a new one

  • Click + in the top of your section

  • Select </> CODE

  • Paste your Bandsintown Signup Form code

  • Click elsewhere to save your changes

  • Click on Done then Save

Your Mailing list form and subscription button are not listed on your website and will sync in real-time with your Bandsintown account

Site visitors can now easily subscribe to your contact list.

Other Parameters you could add to the URL to customize colors, sizes and fonts:

  • &bg-color=%231A1A1A

  • &border-color=%23FFFFFF

  • &cta-bg-color=%23FFFFFF

  • &cta-border-color=%23FFFFFF

  • &cta-border-radius=0px

  • &cta-border-width=3px

  • &cta-text-color=%23FFFFFF

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