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Amazon Music Merch Integration
Amazon Music Merch Integration
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Connect Amazon Merch to Bandsintown for Artists

Log in to your Bandsintown for Artists dashboard, click on Profile, then on the Links tab, and add your Amazon Music artist page URL.

Your changes will appear on your Bandsintown artist page within a few minutes.

How to find my Amazon Music link

Visit to search for your artist page on Amazon Music. Once you’ve landed on the correct page, copy the URL from the address bar to paste into Bandsintown for Artists.

How to add merch on my Amazon Music page?

Log in to your Amazon Music for Artists account and navigate to “Merch” under Profiles & Tools. Here you will be able to search for your merch items and add them to Amazon Music pretty much instantly.

Promote your merch on Bandsintown

Get your merch in front of fans by dragging and dropping it into your Bandsintown email campaigns using the Merch smart block or start with the pre-built Merch template.

The drag-and-drop Email Builder is an easy way to reach your existing Bandsintown followers with beautiful email campaigns they’ll want to read. There’s no limit on how many emails you can send. Promoted Emails are paid campaigns that help you to engage new fans by expanding your reach to fans who listen to similar artists. Campaigns start at $50 and can scale to any budget.

Once you’ve connected your Amazon Music merch to your Bandsintown artist page, adding your merch to all your emails becomes trivial:

  • click on Messages

  • select the Emails tab to use our Email Builder or click on Ad Campaigns to set up a promoted email campaign

  • choose the Merch email template to have your email pre-populated with your Amazon merch, or pick any other template and drag the Merch smart block into your email to incorporate merch into any announcement or newsletter.

Each merch item listed in your email will direct fans who click on them to your merch on

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