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Whenever posting on Bandsintown, if you want to boost the visibility of your message to as many fans as possible, you can turn your post into a promoted email campaign in just a few clicks.

How to create a promoted post

Whenever you create a post on Bandsintown for Artists, right upon posting or scheduling it, you will see a confirmation message that invites you to promote it:

Click on the Promote button and you will be directed to the promoted campaign builder: you will see in the preview that your post has already been turned into an email. You should update the call to action with the link you wish to drive fans to (or remove it altogether). You can then choose to proceed and keep the default email design, or make further customizations to your email. When you're done, click on Continue to select your target audience and adjust your budget accordingly. Finally, you can schedule your promoted post and submit your campaign.

How to customize a promoted post

Promoted post emails are created automatically based on the message and photo you used in your post.

If you included a link in your post, which is of course always highly recommended, note that the link will remain visible in the email. But you may want to turn it into a more visible and more effective call to action below your message: simply update the button label and add your target link to the call to action already included, and remove the link from your message to avoid redundancy. Or you may prefer to do the opposite: the choice is yours.

Finally, you can use the drag-and-drop interface to customize the email design: font, color and layout can be updated easily, and you can use our smart blocks to seamlessly include your tour dates, music link or merch as well.

You will be able to send yourself a preview at the final step of the process to double-check that everything looks right.

How to set up a target audience

Once you're done customizing your email, you may choose your target audience to reach the right fans in the right location: specify your budget (with a minimum of $50), enter the location you wish to target (country, state or city & radius) or select Worldwide, and finally pick or type the names of similar artists whose fans you wish to reach.

You will then see how many emails can be included in the campaign. Depending on the desired reach, you can adjust your target location, the list of artists, or your budget.

What if my fans are also following similar artists I picked?

Rest assured: your fans who already got notified (or will be notified) of your post will not receive the promoted post email as well, even if they also follow one of the similar artists you picked for your target audience. We automatically exclude them from the number of emails displayed. You only pay to reach fans who do not already follow you.

Is it possible to promote an older post?

Absolutely: some announcements are not time-sensitive. If you wish to create a promoted post campaign from a post you sent some time ago, all you need to do is go to Messages, click on the Posts tab, then look up the post you have already sent and click on Promote.

How to monitor campaign performance

Once your post has been delivered, you can monitor campaign analytics from the Ad Manager dashboard and gain insights to optimize more and more over time.

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