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Shopify Integration
Shopify Integration
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How to connect Shopify to an artist page

Install the Bandsintown for Artists app from the Shopify App Store and follow the onboarding prompts.

Within the Artists Accounts settings of the app, click Connect and sign into your Bandsintown for Artists account.

From the list of artist pages you manage, click Connect next to the pages you want to connect.

How to publish merch to Bandsintown for Artists

From the Settings panel of the Shopify Store Admin Dashboard, click Products and then All Products.

For each product to be displayed, click Manage next to Sales Channels and Apps, and make sure Bandsintown for Artists is checked.

Products will now be available for fans to purchase from your artist page.

To review all merch published to an artist page, click Manage Availability in the Product Status card in the Bandsintown for Artists Shopify app.

PLEASE NOTE: Only 10 products can be displayed at a given time.

How to set up a multi-artist store

A multi-artist store allows labels, agencies, management teams, or any groups of artists to sell merch from one unified storefront.

  1. Log in to Shopify

  2. Choose another artist to add to your store

  3. Click Add collection

  4. Select the collection you want and click Add collection

PLEASE NOTE: The order in which products are displayed will show the most recently updated products first instead of the order you have set in your collection.

For any questions, reach out to us at

How to promote your merch on Bandsintown

Use the merch smart block in the drag-and-drop Email Builder to seamlessly and effortlessly integrate your merch alongside your other announcements in your emails to fans.

Once you’ve connected your Shopify store to your artist page, log in to Bandsintown for Artists and click on the messages tab. In campaigns, choose an email template or start from scratch, then drag a merch smart block into the email.

The smart block will auto-populate the items in your collection into your email along with their titles and prices and allow readers to click on them and go directly to your store.

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