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Shazam Integration
Shazam Integration
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Shazam is a third-party mobile app for iOS and Android that recognizes the music around you—for example on a TV or radio, in a restaurant or gym, or on social media. Listeners can then engage with the track or artist once it has been recognized.

If you have an artist page on Shazam, you can seamlessly share your Bandsintown events with Shazam users. Shazam pulls the information directly from your Bandsintown event listings, if you’ve connected your Apple Music artist page, and your events are synchronized with Shazam daily. With over 300 million monthly active users worldwide, it's a great way to share your music with even more fans.

How to add your events to Shazam

From the Bandsintown for Artists dashboard, click on Profile and add the Apple Music artist page URL. Learn how to find your Apple Music URL below.

Next, visit the Events section and be sure all of your upcoming shows are listed—this is the data Shazam uses to retrieve your events.

Shazam pulls all published events associated with your Bandsintown artist page and displays them all each time a user discovers your music on Shazam. There is no limit or restriction to the number of events that can be displayed.

If you add or remove an event or update an existing one, your changes will appear on Shazam within 24-48 hours. To submit an urgent modification request, email us at

If you do not see your events on Shazam, or if you do not see your changes reflected, double check that your Apple Music artist page URL has been added to the Links section of your Bandsintown Profile and wait 48 hours for the changes to be reflected. If the URL has been added for more than 48 hours and you still do not see your events, email us at

PLEASE NOTE: Festival events will display only the start date of the festival, not the entire range of dates.

Where to find your events on Shazam

Shazam automatically displays listed events from your Bandsintown page within the Shazam app when a user discovers your music.

The events are displayed on your Shazam artist profile under Upcoming Concerts or Concerts Nearby, and on a user’s Shazam home screen under Events Near You.

Ticket links on Shazam

Events listed on your Shazam artist page include a link that may point either straight to the ticket provider’s website or to the corresponding Bandsintown event page, at the sole discretion of Shazam.

On the Bandsintown event page, fans can find ticketing information and purchase options as well as subscribe to ticket inventory alerts and reminders.

How to find the Apple Music URL of an artist page

On the web, visit and enter the name of the artist in the search box.

Click on the artist’s name or image to visit their Apple Music page, and take note of the URL in your browser–that is the Apple Music artist page URL.

The URL should have a format similar to this:

On the Apple Music app, navigate to the artist page, then click on the three dots on the right side, and choose Share Artist–this will copy the artist page URL to your device’s clipboard.

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