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Posts let artists reach their Bandsintown followers anytime. Followers may also receive email, web, and push notifications every time you post, ensuring they never miss your message. As well as being sent via email and push notification, your posts are also featured on your Bandsintown for Artists page.

Posts can be found either by scrolling down on the home page of an artist, or from the tools page.

How to message followers in a specific location

When composing a message, click Select Your Audience, then Target by Location. The units of measurement for the radius use the default measurement system for your account. You can change this by clicking your name or image in the top right corner and clicking My Account, then choosing Measurement System under Account Preferences.

PLEASE NOTE: Each message can only be targeted to one location, so targeting multiple locations will require multiple messages.

How to message fans who RSVPed to an event

Message users who have RSVPed to an event by choosing Target by Event when composing a message.

If an event has a teal circle, that means your event had RSVPs from fans that you can message. Hover over a circle to see the event information including venue, location and how many RSVPs you can reach.

Select one or more of these circles to message these RSVPs.

How reach works when messaging fans

You may notice the estimated reach of a message is different from the number of followers you have.

This is because some followers have opted not to receive email or push notifications or have been inactive for a certain amount of time.

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