The Email Builder was designed to support independent artists and includes unlimited contacts and email sends for free under an ordinary range of use that does not consume excessive network capacity and/or adversely affect Bandsintown’s ability to provide the service to other artists.

Sending more than 200,000 emails to contacts from one artist in a 30 day period or importing more than 50,000 email contacts for one artist would be considered outside the range of ordinary use.

If we determine that the use of the service is unreasonable or disproportionate or if it jeopardizes our ability to provide the service to other artists.

Bandsintown may immediately suspend or restrict access of any accounts which are found to be using the service in violation of this policy, in order to protect our ability to offer the service to others.

If you are a label, agency, or management company and/or you anticipate a need to use the service in a way that may exceed the limits listed above, please contact us at

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