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Reach your followers
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How to message followers

Bandsintown allows artists to bypass social media algorithms and message fans directly through direct messages, which generate push notifications for fans who have enabled that option.

This tutorial explains how to draft a post to send to your followers.

Don’t forget to add your Smart Link to the message to ensure fans have easy access to your upcoming events.

Learn more about estimated targeting reach here.

Connect your Bandsintown page to a Facebook or Twitter profile in the Settings section of your Bandsintown for Artists dashboard so your messages are automatically posted there simultaneously. Just check the box next to each platform you wish to publish to in the upper right corner of the draft window.

Click the Preview button next to the character count in the bottom right corner of the draft window to see exactly how it will look when fans view it on the Bandsintown app or on Facebook and Twitter.

When everything looks good, send the message immediately or schedule it for a specific time.

Your latest non-targeted message will be displayed at the top of your artist page.

Check your real-time message engagement from the Posts section of the Bandsintown for Artists Insights dashboard.

How to email your followers

This tutorial explains how to build and send emails with the Email Builder.

How to reach fans of artists similar to you

Promoted Campaigns help you grow your followers by expanding your reach to potential new fans who have an affinity for music or events like yours but haven’t discovered you yet.

Promoted Campaigns start at $50 each and can be created from the Bandsintown for Artists dashboard by clicking Emails in the left-hand menu, then Premium, and creating a new campaign, or by simply clicking Boost next to a specific event in your Events section.

How to reach followers who have shared their contact information

The Fan Management Suite offers three ways to communicate directly with followers.

1. Posts

Send unlimited messages directly to fans via email and push notification for free.

2. Email

Use the drag-and-drop Email Builder to create email campaigns to reach your followers.

3. Targeted Ads

Export your contacts to create retargeting and lookalike fan audiences on Facebook and other ad platforms.

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