Claim an existing artist page
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Click Log in or Get Started at Bandsintown For Artists.

Click + Add Artist and enter the artist’s name.

If the artist is listed in the drop-down list, click Get Access beside their name.

If the artist is listed, but you don't recognize the profile photo, read more about another artist using the same name.

If the artist page looks correct but has already been claimed, click Request Access to manage the page.

If the artist page is not already managed, you will be asked to verify your association with this artist, as a manager or record label for example. If you are a promoter who has booked the artists for an event, see the tools available to you on Bandsintown Promoter.

Verifying with Facebook or Twitter are the easiest ways to verify your relationship with an artist.

If you’re an admin of the artist's Facebook page, you can click Verify with Facebook, provide your login credentials, and select that Facebook page. If you don't see the artist page there, make sure the credentials you provided are the same ones used to manage that page.

You'll be asked to give Bandsintown the necessary permissions.

When finished, you’ll get a confirmation message that Bandsintown is now linked to Facebook.

Click Select Page to complete the verification.

You may be asked to contact support in order to confirm the verification. You can also check your Facebook Business Integrations Settings to make sure Bandsintown is active there before contacting support.

If you have access to the artist's Twitter account, you can verify by clicking Verify with Twitter and logging into the artist's Twitter account.

If you don’t have access to the artist's Facebook or Twitter, click Contact Us and provide the requested details.

The Artist Support team will review your claim and will usually respond within 2-3 business days. Until then, you’ll see the artist in your list with the words Pending Verification.

Once your claim is approved, you'll gain access to your artist page and can take advantage of our suite of free tools.

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive an error message, ensure your email address has been added to your profile in the My Account section.

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