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If your artist name has already been claimed
If your artist name has already been claimed
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An artist name may already be claimed either because another artist has the same name and has already claimed the page, or because a page has already been created for you in the past, for example if past events were imported from official ticket providers.

If the page is yours, follow these steps to claim an existing artist page. If you're not sure, you can search for your name on to see if anything looks familiar on that existing profile.

If the page belongs to a different artist with the same name, you can still create another page using the same artist name, taking special care to fill in the profile completely so as to differentiate it from the other page with the same name, and send us an email at with links to your website and socials. We’ll grab your bio and photos from there to create a new profile for you.

If you feel you have a bonafide claim to use a name that is already in use, send us an email at You may also be asked to complete some other verification steps.

PLEASE NOTE: Bandsintown allows duplicate names at our discretion, if we feel there will be no major conflicts or confusion between the two artists, for example if they play to audiences in different parts of the world or different styles of music. Attempts to use the same name as a popular artist will be denied.

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