Create an artist page
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First, check if the artist already has a page on Bandsintown. Click + Add Artist on the top-right of the page and enter the artist’s name.

If the artist is listed in the drop-down list, follow these steps for claiming an existing artist page.

If the artist is not listed in the drop-down list, you may create a new page for them by clicking the Add This Artist To Bandsintown button at the bottom, entering their name in the dialogue box, and clicking Submit.


Bandsintown for Artists is designed for artists performing in live entertainment and striving to build an engaged fanbase, such as bands, singers, DJs, and musicians. While our platform welcomes diverse performers, including stand-up comedians, our central focus is dedicated to fostering the dynamic community of music creators: we are committed to providing them with specialized tools and support to enhance their experience and connection with fans.

Please be mindful of these criteria and respectful of our user base before creating a new artist page. Ensuring that your content aligns with the platform's focus on live entertainment and on meaningful fan engagement contributes to a positive experience for both artists and fans. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the integrity and value of the Bandsintown community.

If the name has already been taken by another artist, see more information here.

The artist page will display the verified badge once at least 100 people are following it.

PLEASE NOTE: This process may take up to 24 hours.

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