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The Insights tab is a valuable resource that offers artists a plethora of free information to better understand the performance of their pages and events, as well as gauge the response of fans to their marketing efforts. By leveraging this data, artists can fine-tune their future marketing strategies, make informed decisions about touring, and ultimately elevate the overall effectiveness of their marketing endeavors.

Insights can be found on the left-hand menu of the Bandsintown for Artists dashboard. Once an artist's page reaches 100 followers, your Insights will start populating with helpful analytics about the artist's fans, campaigns, social media growth, and other related metrics.

Artists can monitor total number of followers and follower growth on Bandsintown as well as social media and streaming channels over various timespans, break down the geographic location of followers, and see which markets have the most followers or show requests.

Artists can even message fans in a given location directly from the Top Markets list.

Event insights provide data on the total views, page clicks, RSVPs and ticket clicks for given events over various time spans and can be filtered by venue or location.

All data can be downloaded in a .CSV report to better manipulate and filter the information or viewed on the go from a mobile device.

Learn more about how insights work here.

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