Ticket links
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Event organizers can add one or more ticket links when creating events.

From the Events section in the Bandsintown for Artists dashboard, click Add Event or edit an existing event.

Enter the first ticket link and choose the type of ticket from the dropdown list, then choose the on-sale date and time.

Click "+ Add Another Ticket Link" to add an additional ticket link and type.

If multiple ticket links or types are added, one type must be labeled Tickets. Events will only display one of these labels if a ticket link is included, including Free and Sold Out.

How Bandsintown handles ticket links

Bandsintown rewrites all ticket links for technical reasons, to allow us to provide artists with valuable analytics.

In some cases, we may add or prioritize our partners’ ticket links to offer the best experience to fans. All links, including those you provide, are published on the event page.

For any questions about managing events, reach out to us at artistsupport@bandsintown.com

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