Add a festival or multi-day event
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Search for the festival on Bandsintown.

If the event is already listed:

Take note of the event URL.

To add the lineup for the event, fill out the Festival Events Spreadsheet. Ensure the spreadsheet is formatted correctly, or it won’t be processed. Fields with an asterisk are mandatory.

Once the spreadsheet is completed, send it to our Support team at We will do our best to process it within 3-5 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: Only artists with a Bandsintown page will be published as part of the event. The event will display automatically on all associated artists’ pages if they have turned on the setting to automatically publish imported events. If an artist has this setting turned off, he or she will need to manually review and approve the listing.

If the event is not already listed:

If the event is not listed or is listed under the Artists section, it does not have a festival page, and a page will need to be created in order to display all relevant event details such as event artwork, set times, ticket links, maps, etc. and to notify performers’ fans of the event.

To request a festival page, reach out to us at and provide the below info:

  • Festival Name

  • Festival Website

  • Start Date in YYYY-MM-DD format

  • Start Time in 24-hour format (for example, 21:30 instead of 9:30 PM)

  • End Date in YYYY-MM-DD format

  • End Time in 24-hour format (for example, 21:30 instead of 9:30 PM)

  • Location of the venue, or "Live Stream" if event is online

  • Country of the venue

  • State of the venue using 2-letter state/province code (mandatory for US or Canada)

  • City of the venue

  • Address of the venue

  • Postal Code of the venue

  • Time Zone of the festival (mandatory for live streams) in “Country/City_Name” format. Full list of valid timezones here.

  • Assets including festival main artwork (square) and banner images or logos (1120x720 px) in PNG, JPG and JPEG format no larger than 6 MB

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