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To make things as seamless as possible for artists and their teams to list and promote events, Bandsintown automatically pulls event info from a variety of partners and data sources, including ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster, AXS, Eventbrite, and See Tickets, as well as booking agencies, promoters, and venues, and publishes those events on relevant artist pages.

Artists and their teams are always in control of event listings on Bandsintown and can edit them at any time.

Artists and their teams also have the option to completely disable automatically imported events and manually pre-screen each new listing from the Pending Events page before publishing on Bandsintown.

1. Click the Settings gear on the bottom left of Bandsintown for Artists dashboard

2. Toggle the switch for Auto-Publish Imported Events to the off position

If Auto-Publish Imported Events is disabled, we recommend checking the top of the page in the Events section frequently, in order to keep fans up to speed on new listings. New events will resume being automatically published for artists and their teams who have not logged in to Bandsintown for Artists for 60 days, beginning 7 days after each event is imported. These events can still be edited or removed at any point by logging in again.

For any questions about managing events, reach out to us at

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