Can I preview my email campaign before sending?
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So you’ve finished creating your latest campaign in the Email Builder and selected an audience to target–now what? Bandsintown offers two great tools to let you preview the email before actually sending it out to your fans, so you can see exactly how it will look when your fans open it.

1) Clicking the Preview button will open a new browser tab where you can see the campaign in all its glory and even click each link and button to make sure that they're working properly. Just close that tab when you're done.

2) If you’d like to send a test email to yourself so you can get the full fan experience, simply enter your own email address in the Send a Test Email box and hit send. You can even add up to four other members of your team, separating each address with a comma, to get everyone’s feedback at once. When you press the Send button, it will send a preview of your campaign to all of those addresses–and only those addresses.

A green notification will confirm the test email was sent. You’ve got mail…

If you don't see it right away, give it a few minutes or try refreshing your inbox. This email will be exactly what your audience will receive when you're ready to send it out.

Pro tip: Be sure to check the email on your phone or iPad too, and toggle Dark Mode on your devices to make sure your email looks great in all conditions.

If you notice something that needs to be adjusted, you can return to the Design step and make those changes. Preview and send as many test emails as you like while you craft the perfect email, and don't forget to save your work often.

Happy Emailing!

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