Can I import and export my own contacts?
Updated over a week ago

Yes! Easily import and export your contacts anytime from the Fan Manager dashboard.
In the Contacts section, click on "Import" or "Export."

For contact import, please note:

  • we currently support first name and email address

  • new columns such as location and tags will be added in the future

  • if your contact list includes other columns, they will be ignored

  • when these additional columns are supported, you will be able to import your list again and we will make sure to update any existing contact found

  • upon import, we send you a summary by email to confirm the number of contacts added or updated

  • if a contact appears multiple times in your spreadsheet, duplicates will be skipped

  • if a contact has an empty or invalid email address, it will not be imported and counted as an error in your import summary

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