The Email Signup Form allows you to collect first party fan data so that you can reach your audience in new and creative ways! The Email Signup Form can be added to your Events Widget or Smart Link.

When fans visit your website or see your Smart Link on social media, they can follow your Bandsintown page right from your site, or ask you to play a show in their city. When a fan clicks on the "Follow" or "Request a Show" button, an Email Signup form will appear. You can customize these buttons further when you set up your Events Widget and Smart Link.

In the Toolbox section, select : Email signup form.

Fans can choose to share their location, name, and email address with you in order to receive more targeted campaigns. Once you have their information, it will be accessible to you in the Fan Manager Dashboard.

If you have any questions about the Email Signup Form, please reach out to us at We're happy to help!

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