Once logged in, if you were granted an access code to a Home School episode, you should be able to enter it by clicking on the "Enter Code" link in the bottom left of the episode page where it says "Have an access code?". Once entered, you should immediately land on the episode page:

  • If you're early, you should see the poster of the show.
  • If the live stream is about to start, has started, or is a past episode, you should see the video player and the chat (on the right of the player on desktop, below the player on mobile).

If you do not see the "Enter Code" link anywhere on the page, or if you already entered it then land on the same page with no more "Enter Code" link but still no poster or player, it's possible the account already has access to the episode, but a misconfiguration is preventing your account from accessing the live stream. If that happens, please contact us and we will reset your access.

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