Can I add a 'donation' link to my artist's profile?
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You can add a donation link to be displayed on your artist's page under Links in the Profile section! When you add the link, a 'Support' button will be displayed on your artist's page on the web and in the app!

The supported payment/fundraising services that artists can choose to add a link to are*:

  • Paypal:<name> or<id>

  •$<name> - or -$<name>

  • Venmo:<name>

  • Bandcamp: <domain>

  • Shopify: <domain>

  • Patreon:<name>

  • Kickstarter:<project>

  • Gofundme:<campaign>

  • ArtistShare:<project>

  • Indiegogo:<project>

To add the Support Button:

  1. Choose a supported payment/crowdfunding services *(supported services listed above)

  2. Log onto Bandsintown for Artists and select your artist page

  3. Click on 'Profile' in the sidebar

  4. Click on 'Links' and type or paste the link on the 'Support Button' field as shown below

Note: This link is auto-saved.

Within hours, your artist profile page is updated to encourage fans to contribute!

Analytics available include:

  • # of clicks by short URL all-time or between two dates

  • Breakdown of the # of clicks by day or by month

Note: Our data shows that artists that have used the posting feature as a promotion strategy have had 5X more clicks on Day 1 and 0.6X more clicks on the following seven days.

We are working on expanding this feature, thanks for your patience! Please click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner if you have any questions, thanks!

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