1. Login to Bandsintown for Artists

  2. Click on your artist's page and then click on the Events section on the left sidebar. 

  3. Click the Add New Event button.

  4. Decide whether to build your event in Single-Page Mode (filling out the event form in it's entirety), or Multi-Step Mode (filling in fields step-by-step).

  5. If creating an event in single-page mode, be sure to toggle 'Streaming event' at the top of the form. When going through multi-step mode, choose this event as being "Online" when you reach the location step. Note: If your event is part of a streaming festival then toggle Festival Event, select the festival from our system and streaming link and streaming timezone will be auto-populated based on the information we have on file for the festival. If your festival is not on the list please add your festival.

6. Instead of adding a venue, adding a Live Streaming link will be required as well as the time zone of the stream.

7. Please also add the Start Date and Event Time. You can also add End Time as well as End Date. 

8. The other standard event options including Event Name, Event Image, Description, Lineup, and Schedule Event Announcement are also available for you to add.

9. Click Save! All active, opted-in trackers worldwide will receive an email/notification about the event! They will also have the option to RSVP to the event. If they do this they will also be notified right before the event starts so they don't miss it!

Please note that only managers and artists with access to Bandsintown can add live stream events. The email Event Upload will still be available for venues and promoters who want to add their live stream events to Bandsintown.

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