You can message your trackers in a specific location by Targeting by Location. Under the message box click Targeting and click Target By Location.

When you target an event by location you can select a country, city, and state or province if applicable. You can also select a radius to determine how far from the city you want to send the message. You can zoom in or out of the map to better identify the geographic region you wish to target. You can select a radius that just includes a city or an entire state or country if you prefer!

Please note: you can only pick one location and radius per post. If you wish to post to distinct locations, you can send distinct posts. This ensures each post can be personalized based on your target location.

The units of measure for the radius use the default measurement system for your account. You can change this by clicking your name or image in the top right corner and clicking My Account.

Then click Measurement System under Account Preferences and select what you prefer from the drop-down list and wait until you see the green checkmark next to your selection.

Once you have your location and radius set then you can personalize your message and reach your fans, they always love hearing from you!

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