You can engage with the fans that are attending your show by using Bandsintown to send out direct messages to your RSVPs. This is a great way to get fans excited, increase ticket sales, and advertise your merch! Your RSVPs will receive your message as a push notification in the Bandsintown mobile app and as a direct email.

You can message users who RSVP to your events with our Target By Event feature. Below the message box click Targeting and then click Target By Event. 

Then you will see a screen with a calendar and circles on the left side. If an event has a teal circle that means your event had RSVPs from fans that you can message. You can hover over a circle to see the event information including venue, location and how many RSVPs you will reach if you select the event.

You can select one or more of these circles to message these RSVPs. 

After selecting the circles they will turn white and you will see the event details and
number of RSVPs on the right side. 

If you see a gray circle that means there are no RSVPs that you can message for that event.

Once you've listed all the events whose RSVPs you wish to target, you can personalize your message and send!

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