Update: Due to the current situation regarding live events in some countries, VIP features have been opened to all artists at this time. This allows artists to target messages to their fans by location and by event to let the fans know about event cancellations/rescheduling. 

VIP features are exclusive functionalities offered by Bandsintown to all aspiring and emerging artists below 10,000 trackers in order to support your efforts and development, and all artists powering tour dates on their website with one of the following artist tools: Bandsintown Events Widget, Bandsintown plugins for WordPress, WIX or Squarespace, Bandsintown API, and Bandsintown Events Promotion Page.

These features include: 

  • Scheduled Posts on Bandsintown, Facebook, and Twitter to help you perfect the timing of all your announcements

  • Geo-Targeted Posts to let you communicate with fans in a specific city, state or country: great to promote an event or a tour!

  • Event-Targeted Posts to let you send exclusive messages to RSVPs of your upcoming and past events within the last 30 days

  • Real-time analytics on the Posts page

VIP features can be found on Bandsintown for Artists on your artist’s Home, when you click on the Targeting dropdown menu below the Message box or the Schedule button next to Post.

To learn more about all of our fan messaging capabilities, click HERE.

Want to gain access to VIP features? Contact us at ArtistSupport@bandsintown.com or via the chat box in the bottom right corner of this page and send the link to your artist website: we’ll be happy to assist you!

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