After you login to Bandsintown please click on the artist you want to manage. Then click the Settings button on the bottom left. There you will see options to connect your Facebook account to Bandsintown. Toggle the button On. This will prompt you to grant Bandsintown permission to post on Facebook for you. 

Then when you share a message or event from the Home page of Bandsintown it will also automatically send to those social media pages if you select them when you send the message.

Toggling On the Facebook option will also install the Tour Dates tab on your artist's Facebook page (toggling the Setting Off will remove the Tour Dates tab). 

The Bandsintown Tour Dates tab helps increase event exposure to all of your Facebook followers and keeps your Facebook page up to date and in sync with your Bandsintown artist page. More information about the Tour Dates tab here!

Please note: If you are creating your artist page for the first time the Tour Dates tab may take up to 24 hours to fully process, thanks for your patience.

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