How do I add an event at a venue that isn't on the list?
Updated over a week ago

Be sure to enter the name of the venue where your event will take place. It is important for your fans that your event is linked to an actual venue with a known location so we can notify them and recommend your event to more fans based on their location.

To save some time, simply type the first letters of your venue name and it will appear in the dropdown menu below. This list combines Bandsintown and Google Places venue data, so you're more than likely to find your venue. In case you don't find it, no worries: you can still add your venue information.

If you can't find your venue, click the "Add a Custom Location" button at the bottom of the dropdown list and enter your venue details. You can simply enter the country and a name for display and leave it at that. Please note that an event without a complete location will not be part of the events Bandsintown automatically recommends to fans, so we recommend that you take the time to add all information to ensure maximum visibility. Click Submit and your event will automatically be linked to it.

If you play at this venue often, please click "Contact Us" at the bottom of the box and we can look into adding the venue to our database which will make it permanently accessible for you and others to select in the future.

If you have any questions, or play regularly at a venue and need it added to our database, contact Artist Support at or by clicking on the Messenger icon in the bottom right corner of the page.

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