You can display your events on Instagram by adding your Events Promotion Page link as part of your story if you are verified or have a business account or by adding the link to your bio. To get your Events Promotion Page link please following these directions.
 1. Find the link to your events landing page by clicking on the Promote button between Upload and Boost in Bandsintown and copy it into your clipboard (you’ll need this in a moment).
 2. In Instagram, select an image that you’d like to add to your story. For announcing and/or promoting upcoming dates, we recommend using a tour poster.
 3. Once you’ve chosen an image, click on the link icon at the top of the screen that should appear alongside your other image editing options. This button will allow you to add a link to your story (note: this option is ONLY available for verified, business accounts, and accounts with more than 10,000 followers. Other account types will NOT be able to add a link to their story).
 4. Paste your events promotion page link in the page that appears. This will allow any fan who swipes up on your story to view all of your upcoming events.
 5. Add text to your story that specifically tells fans to swipe up to buy tickets, RSVP, or another action. A specific call to action will make your fans more likely to swipe up!

If you do not have a verified account, business account, or 10,000 followers, you can still add your Events Promotion Page link in the bio of your Instagram page. For more information about the Events Promotion Page please read this article.

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