What sources do Bandsintown events come from?
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Bandsintown relies on a number of partners and data sources, including ticketing companies (Ticketmaster, AXS, Eventbrite, See Tickets and many more), booking agencies, promoters, and venues, to import events that are then published on artist pages and announced to the fans. This simplifies data input for managers and ensures fans are always in the know as soon as a show is announced online so that we can help bring more fans to your shows. Even after publication, managers still have full control over these events and can review and edit them at any time.
When managers want to pre-screen every event before they're announced to their fans on Bandsintown, they can turn the Imported Events setting OFF. By doing this, all imported events will be sent to the "Pending" section on Bandsintown for Artists for review. Once managers have checked them, they can publish them immediately or schedule them for future publication.
 1. Click on the Settings button on the sidebar
 2. Flip the switch for "Imported Events" from ON to OFF


It is our mission to help fans never miss another show. When managers of an artist whose Publish Imported Events setting is turned OFF have not connected to Bandsintown on the web or mobile app for more than 60 days, events imported from these partners: Ticketmaster, AXS, Eventbrite and See Tickets will be automatically published on Bandsintown properties after 7 days of import, regardless of their Publish Imported Events setting. These events will be published on the Bandsintown website and Concerts app and artist’s Events Widget or Plugins. Managers can always connect to Bandsintown again to review or edit these events at any time.

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