How do I add events?
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You can manage your events, add new events, or upload your entire tour in just a few clicks. We’ll notify all of your trackers and recommend you to even more music lovers.

​ Adding a single event:

Select your artist, then click the Add Event button at the top to open a new event form. Decide whether to build your event in Single-Page Mode (filling out the event form in its entirety), or Multi-Step Mode (filling in fields step-by-step). See below!

If you prefer adding an event in Multi-Step Mode, follow these steps:

1. Define what type of event you'd like to add. Choose Concert, or Festival and enter the Festival Name to continue. Press 'Next' at the bottom right of the form.

For a Festival Event, type in the festival name and select the festival from our drop-down list.

Don't see your festival? Click the Add Your Festival button and fill out the form with the information to submit the festival to our team. We will review the request and add the festival to our system if it qualifies!

2. Select whether the event will be live at a venue, or streamed online.

Be sure to enter the name of the venue where your event will take place. It is important for your fans that your event is linked to an actual venue with a known location so we can notify them and recommend your event to more fans based on their location.

To save some time, simply type the first letters of your venue name and it will appear in the dropdown menu below. This list combines Bandsintown and Google Places venue data, so you're more than likely to find your venue. In case you don't find it, no worries: you can still add your venue information.

If you can't find your venue, click the "Add a Custom Location" button at the bottom of the dropdown list and enter your venue details. You can simply enter the country and a name for display and leave it at that. Please note that an event without a complete location will not be part of the events Bandsintown automatically recommends to fans, so we recommend that you take the time to add all information to ensure maximum visibility. Click Submit and your event will automatically be linked to it.

If you play at this venue often, please click "Contact Us" at the bottom of the box and we can look into adding the venue to our database which will make it permanently accessible for you and others to select in the future.

3. Select the date of your event and the time of your event (local time of the venue). If you are adding a streaming event please include the End Date and End Time. If you are adding a festival event you can choose to display a date range or a single date.

4. Fill in your event details shown below! Add the Event Name, Description, Lineup, and Event Image if applicable. You can even add your setlist for the show. Please note: Only artists with Bandsintown pages can be included on the lineup. Adding an artist to the lineup of an event will not add the event on that artist's page. The event needs to be added to each artist's page separately.

5. Add one or two ticket links (please use the full URL, e.g. For each link, indicate the type (Tickets, Presale, VIP, Free, or Sold Out). After you add a ticket link and select a ticket type you will see a toggle to include an Onsale Date and Time if you want.

6. Review your event and Save as a Draft, Schedule to Publish, or Publish immediately!

If opting to add an event on Single-Page Mode, select the type of event you want to list (Regular Event, Festival Event, or Streaming Event), and follow the same steps as described above!

When you're done, be sure hit the Save button: congratulations, you've just added your first event to your Bandsintown page. We will immediately notify all your trackers by email and mobile push notification.
You can also choose to Save as Draft if you need to revisit it later: it will not be published but will remain accessible to you under Pending Events.
Or you can Schedule your event to be published at a future date and time. You can also choose to not send out Just Announced notifications and emails about the event by toggling Notify my trackers Off. If you want to send the notification later just go back to the event, toggle Notify my trackers On and Save and the notice will go out right then.

Adding multiple events at once
You can easily add multiple events at once by using our  Event Upload feature. From the Home or Events sections, click the Upload Events button. From there, follow these steps:

 1. Download the template spreadsheet
 2. Fill in the columns of the spreadsheet and be sure to follow the instructions, then save your work
 3. When ready, click on the third box to upload your spreadsheet, then hit Upload

4. Your events should post in a few minutes. You will see them in your Events section!
For more information about the Event Upload please see this article.

Additionally you can duplicate events that you have already added. On the Events section screen, click on the three dots next to the event you want to duplicate and then click Duplicate. This will open that event information in a new event form. Change whatever information you need to change and then click Save!

For any questions or assistance with your events, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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