Adding a single event:
In Bandsintown click the Add Event button to open a new event form. Headliner and date are mandatory fields. You also need to include a headliner that has an artist page on Bandsintown. To complete the form, follow these steps:
 1. Upload an event photo. If you don't have one, Bandsintown will use the headliner's profile photo
 2. Type the first letters of the name of your headliner and use our auto-completion to select the appropriate artist
 3. Select the date and the time of your event (local time of your venue)
4. Add an Event Name, artists on the lineup, event description, and ticket link(s) if applicable (please use the full URL, e.g For each link, indicate the type (Tickets, Presale, VIP, Free, or Sold Out)

When you're done, hit Save: congratulations, you've just added your first event to your Bandsintown page.
You can also choose to Save as Draft if you need to revisit it later: it will not be published but will remain accessible to you under Events » Draft.

*If you are interested in adding a live stream event please email us at and we can help! 
Adding multiple events at once
You can easily add multiple events at once by using our Event Upload feature. Click on the Upload button. From there, follow these steps:
 1. Download the template spreadsheet

2. Fill in the columns of the spreadsheet and be sure to follow the instructions, then save your work
 3. When ready, click on File to upload your spreadsheet, then click Upload or Upload as Draft if you prefer
 4. If your spreadsheet is correct your events will be posted momentarily! If any errors are found in the spreadsheet you will receive an error message and should check your spreadsheet formatting again and resubmit after making the appropriate changes

Additionally you can duplicate events that you already have added. On the Events section screen click on the three dots next to the event you want to duplicate and then click Duplicate. This will open that event information in a new event form. Change whatever information you need to change and then click Save!

PLEASE NOTE: Adding your events to your venue page will display the events on your venue page in our mobile fan app. To add your events to the artists' pages you can email us at with the link to your venue's Facebook page and we can see if your venue qualifies for verification. After you become verified, the events you add to your venue page in Bandsintown will automatically be sent to artist pages (depending on Artist Settings)!

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