Building trackers on Bandsintown is a great way to connect with all of your fans. When fans track you, they will be the first to know when you announce a new show in their area. The best way to convert your visitors to trackers is with the Bandsintown Events Widget and Track button.
The Bandsintown Events Widget lets you easily list your events and ticket links on your website. It is automatically synchronized with your Bandsintown artist account, so you can manage all your events in one place. Your visitors can see where you are performing next and get tickets without leaving your site. This widget automatically matches the color scheme on your website. But you can also customize it to fit your exact taste.
The Bandsintown Track Button is also a very convenient way for your fans to become trackers. You can customize the color and the icon of the button to match your website design.

You can also send an Artist Message to your fans in Bandsintown! Users that are opted in will receive a notification and email, and the message will be displayed on your artist page.

Another great tool is our Events Promotion Page. You can add a "Tour Dates" Highlight pointing to your Events Promotion Page on Instagram and your other social media accounts!

Lastly, make sure to complete your profile as thoroughly as possible! A lot of fans discover artists on our platform due to recommendations from Bandsintown. Listing things such as genre and similar artists helps with your discoverability, which will grow your trackers.

You can visit our full Best Practices page here! As always you can email us at if you have any questions!

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