Find out where your fans are located, how your events are performing, stats on your posts, ticket clicks, and more all in one place (available to all artists who hit their first 100 trackers).
Go to the Insights section and wait a few seconds for the data to load. You will find multiple tables and charts:
Summary Stats
The top bar gives you the pulse of your activity by providing the number of trackers, RSVPs, and ticket clicks you received. Use the radio button above to select the period of observation and see the growth (Total, 30 days, 14 days, 7 days).

The Trackers section shows artists the number of new followers they've gained by different time ranges, such as ‘Last 7 days’, ‘Last 4 weeks’ and ‘Last 12 months’.

Tracker Locations
This tool can help artists get a visual representation on their followers, upcoming shows, ticket clicks, RSVPs and concert requests from fans. All you need to do is specify a location by country, state/province or city, and the map will show the data, represented by different colors.

This also allows artists to expand their reach! Find out more here.

Top Markets

This is where you’ll find where your top markets are located, and you can sort the data by 2 different criteria: ‘By trackers’ or ‘By fan request’. You can also filter the information by location, which is extremely useful if you want to know these numbers based on a specific country, for example.  


The Events section is where artists will be able to easily visualize the number of ticket clicks and RSVPs to each of their shows. 

Ticket Clicks

This segment shows the number of ticket clicks you’ve achieved. We’ve added 3 different time periods for you to filter this information: ticket clicks over the ‘Last 7 days, over the ‘Last 4 weeks’ or over the ‘Last 12 months’.

Events Promotion Page

This complete new tool will bring you useful stats on your Events Promotion Page, such as the number of views and clicks your page has earned, as well as the Click Rate (represented by the number of Clicks divided by the number of Views). This is a great way for you to quickly overview your promo page’s performance.

Click here for more information on our Insights.

For analytics on your posts please visit your Posts page.
Please Note: This feature is only available for artists with at least 100 trackers on Bandsintown. Once you reach 100 trackers, you will automatically start seeing the Insights tab in Bandsintown.

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