1. Go to the Events tab on Bandsintown
 2. Click the Add Event button to add a new event or edit an existing event
 3. Enter the first ticket link you want to use and select the type of ticket it is from the drop-down list (Tickets, Presale, VIP, Free, or Sold Out)
 4. Click the + sign to add an additional ticket link and type and fill out the extra ticket link box as appropriate.

5. Click Save. You will see your ticket types show up as buttons on your tour dates list.
To mark an event as sold out change the ticket type to Sold Out. Events can only be marked as Sold Out if they have a ticket link included.
Please note: At this time the only ticket type options available are Tickets, Presale, VIP, Free and Sold Out. If you have two ticket links, one of them must be labeled Tickets.

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